Unternehmensberatung Selden 720

How We Work

The 720°approach: Bankers‘ know-how with hands-on attitude

lpn servicing and restructuring
360° thought through concept + 360° performed execution = 720° satisfied customer

720° restructuring & advisory is an enterprise set up and run by senior banking professionals with a strong backbone in risk management and a core focus on NPL resolution.

We believe that success of projects as well as NPL resolution platforms depends on people who know what they do and who successfully implement tailor-made, clever concepts. Therefore we developed our ‘720° approach’.


Highly motivated senior professionals with cumulated 50 years+ industry and regional expertise.


Small, hand-picked, dynamic & creative teams with excellent execution skills.


Strong network of local legal, R/E, forensic & turn-around experts in SEE/CEE/CIS. Excellent relations to regional and international distressed assets investors.

tested concepts

Thoroughly thought through and tested organizational setups for credit risk processes, esp. NPL servicing and restructuring & workout platforms.

tailored solutions

Leveraging on our vast experience, while always adapting to the specific situation and existing processes of our client.

Focus and USP

720°‘s key USP is our unrivalled experience in corporate credit risk, especially successful management of corporate distressed portfolios in SEE, CEE and CIS markets. Together with our associated partners we have had more than EUR 15bn of – mostly Corporate/SME – NPL assets under management since 2006. We can therefore offer first hand experience in recovering cash from all kinds of distressed situations paired with a deep understanding of banks‘ and investors‘ needs.

We understand the importance and have the know-how to set up and manage compliance rules, reporting, decision making structures, fraud control mechanisms and so on. The 720° team members have furthermore participated in various single ticket and portfolio loan sales and have excellent relations to various regional and international distressed asset investors.

Leveraging on our strengths we focus our services on:

  • Supporting investors in purchasing and then servicing distressed assets
  • Helping financial institutions in optimizing their risk processes and becoming more successful in avoiding NPL and recovering cash from their distressed assets
  • Supporting corporate clients in finding solutions with their creditors based on state of the art restructuring strategies and deep understanding of requirements and expectations of lenders and stakeholders.


Our teams are put together based on the needs of the project, portfolio or transaction. 720° has excellent cooperation with various selected professionals as well as top tier financial advisory and audit firms. This allows us to always ensure perfectly fitting team setups for our client‘s project.
720° usually provides the core resources on all corporate risk and especially NPL resolution subjects internally or from a very close network of professionals. Furthermore the 720° team is scaleable by local senior experts from various fields (M&A experts, real estate agents, lawyers, operational turn around specialists, bankers with corporate or risk backgrounds etc.).

In any case our customers are always provided with a perfectly tailored project or transaction team. For longer time assignments, especially portfolio servicing 720° sources the most regularly needed team members in, while still continuing with an external network for less regularly needed tasks. By doing so, we keep costs as low as possible still ensuring that always the best positioned people work on the tasks.